Monday, 15 February 2010

Songs Shaping Summers Since '01

This is slightly Zine related- I might slot it onto one of the pages if it's looking a bit bare, along with some sort of explanation per year as to what I was listening to.

Every year since I started secondary school, there has been some sort of summer soundtrack- if you'll pardon the sibilance- to my life. It has taken a while for me to try to remember it all, but I think this is about it:

2001 (year 7)- All the Small Things- Blink 182/ Fat Lip- Sum 41/ Silver- Nirvana/ Between Angels and Insects- Papa Roach/ Bodies- Drowning Pool
2002 (year 8)- Wish You Were Here- Incubus/ Disarm- The Smashing Pumkins/ City of Angels- The Distillers/ Whip It- Devo
2003 (year 9)- Juneau- Funeral For A Friend/ Ruby Soho- Rancid/ Bob- NOFX/ Teenage Riot- The Ataris/ You're Not Alone- Homegrown/ Somewhere...- Allister/ Best of Me- The Starting Line/ Threesome- Fenix TX/ Date with the Night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2004 (year 10)- Jude Law and a Semester Abroad- Brand New/ Quiet Things...- Brand New/ Beat Your Heart Out- The Distillers/ Cauterize- Choke/Carousel- Blink 182/ Cute Without the E (cut from the team)-Taking Back Sunday
2005 (year 11)- First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes/ American English- Idlewild/ Decent Days and Nights- The Futureheads/ Power Out- The Arcade Fire
2006 (I was 17)- Once, Twice, Again!- Dartz/ Across the Universe- Fiona Apple/ Carpe Diem- Kiwi (lolz; bit of an in-joke)/ Turn Into- Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ Girl U Want- Devo/ No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt- We Are Scientists/ Q and Not U- So Many Animal Calls
2007 (I was 18)- Atlas- Battles/ Alive with the Glory of Love- Say Anything/ Hummer- Foals/ Red and Blue Jeans- The Promise Ring/ Blister- Jimmy Eat World/ (Bright eyes, brand new again)/ I Am Champagne and you Are Shit- MMISL/ Gallery- Tellison/ Little League- Cap'n Jazz/ Never Meant- American Football
2008 (I was 19)- Fireworks- Animal Collective/ Carry the Zero- Built to Spill/ KC Accidental- Broken Social Scene/ Tigersuit- Raein/ Wolf Like Me- TV on the Radio/ Never Meant- American Football/
2009 (I was 20)- House of Cats- Meneguar/ Fake Empire- The National/ Shake It- Metro Station/ Lamb and Lion- The Mae Shi/ Then Comes Dudley- The Jesus Lizard/ Crystallised- The xx/ Dream Smotherer- Pissed Jeans/ Deep Blue Sea- Grizzly Bear/ Holiday- Get Up Kids/ Long Lean Queen- Bear Hands

Have a think of your own Summer Soundtrack, and sumbit it on the Zine form at:


  1. Some great summer tracks on there, had a good listen to a few of them.

    Paticularly enjoyed Home Grown haha, brilliant

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them!
    You should write me a story of one of our summers of debauchery, Potty.

  3. Haha I can't even remember that far back. I'd forgotten pretty much all of those songs