Monday, 15 February 2010

Songs Shaping Summers Since '01

This is slightly Zine related- I might slot it onto one of the pages if it's looking a bit bare, along with some sort of explanation per year as to what I was listening to.

Every year since I started secondary school, there has been some sort of summer soundtrack- if you'll pardon the sibilance- to my life. It has taken a while for me to try to remember it all, but I think this is about it:

2001 (year 7)- All the Small Things- Blink 182/ Fat Lip- Sum 41/ Silver- Nirvana/ Between Angels and Insects- Papa Roach/ Bodies- Drowning Pool
2002 (year 8)- Wish You Were Here- Incubus/ Disarm- The Smashing Pumkins/ City of Angels- The Distillers/ Whip It- Devo
2003 (year 9)- Juneau- Funeral For A Friend/ Ruby Soho- Rancid/ Bob- NOFX/ Teenage Riot- The Ataris/ You're Not Alone- Homegrown/ Somewhere...- Allister/ Best of Me- The Starting Line/ Threesome- Fenix TX/ Date with the Night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2004 (year 10)- Jude Law and a Semester Abroad- Brand New/ Quiet Things...- Brand New/ Beat Your Heart Out- The Distillers/ Cauterize- Choke/Carousel- Blink 182/ Cute Without the E (cut from the team)-Taking Back Sunday
2005 (year 11)- First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes/ American English- Idlewild/ Decent Days and Nights- The Futureheads/ Power Out- The Arcade Fire
2006 (I was 17)- Once, Twice, Again!- Dartz/ Across the Universe- Fiona Apple/ Carpe Diem- Kiwi (lolz; bit of an in-joke)/ Turn Into- Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ Girl U Want- Devo/ No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt- We Are Scientists/ Q and Not U- So Many Animal Calls
2007 (I was 18)- Atlas- Battles/ Alive with the Glory of Love- Say Anything/ Hummer- Foals/ Red and Blue Jeans- The Promise Ring/ Blister- Jimmy Eat World/ (Bright eyes, brand new again)/ I Am Champagne and you Are Shit- MMISL/ Gallery- Tellison/ Little League- Cap'n Jazz/ Never Meant- American Football
2008 (I was 19)- Fireworks- Animal Collective/ Carry the Zero- Built to Spill/ KC Accidental- Broken Social Scene/ Tigersuit- Raein/ Wolf Like Me- TV on the Radio/ Never Meant- American Football/
2009 (I was 20)- House of Cats- Meneguar/ Fake Empire- The National/ Shake It- Metro Station/ Lamb and Lion- The Mae Shi/ Then Comes Dudley- The Jesus Lizard/ Crystallised- The xx/ Dream Smotherer- Pissed Jeans/ Deep Blue Sea- Grizzly Bear/ Holiday- Get Up Kids/ Long Lean Queen- Bear Hands

Have a think of your own Summer Soundtrack, and sumbit it on the Zine form at:

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First Issue's Theme: The Summer Ends (self-titled)

The theme for the first issue will be:

Your most poignant or memorable summer.

Interpret this however you like, so long as it fits with the theme. Stories can be funny, scary, tear-jerking; however the Summer you are describing is special to you. I will also look at other submissions, such as photos and sketches.

You can choose to remain anonymous or be credited, it is entirely up to you. If I have a huge influx of submissions, I might not be able to include all of them in the Zine, but those that don't make it will either be made into a second edition, or posted on this blog for others to read.

As well as your main contribution, you can also suggest a song to be included in the tracklist/spotify playlist. There is a slot on the Survey form for such a suggestion.

Please contribute here:

Alternatively, message me on Facebook, or hand me submissions in person.

My fingers are crossed!

Getting Started

I was getting sick of not doing anything creative any more: all I read now is philosophy, I have no real time for painting or even as much time as I used to for photography- I was kind of in an imaginative rut. The Summer Ends Zine is an attempt to dig my way out...

I am hoping to compile retrospective stories from all kinds of different people, each telling their tale in whatever medium suits them best. Each issue will have a different theme that people can submit content to, and announcements will be made through this blog and Facebook as to when issues are finished, and new ones are beginning.

The medium of contribution will primarily be via an online survey, one per issue. If, however, you want to give them to me in person, message me them on Facebook or even hand-deliver them- go for it! You can contribute stories, songs or poems- whatever you like really. If you have drawings or photographs to submit, please add a link to them in the main comment box of the survey.

Each issue, as well as having stories, will have an assorted accompaniment of doodles, photos and sketches. There will also be a thematically-appropriate track listing of suggested songs to check out, and a spotify playlist. The back page will detail the next issue's topic (which you will also be able to find on this blog), and have some sort of interactive feature.

If you think this might be something you're interested in, please contribute to or follow the progress of The Summer Ends.

Thank you!